Wild Turkey Totem Round Handmade Porcelain Christmas Ornament

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The turkey was Benjamin Franklins choice for national bird, finding it to be a bird of courage. Wild turkeys forage on the forest floor for nuts, berries and bugs during the day, but take to the treetops to roost at night. With a fleshy red waddle on his neck, and a fleshy mass called a snood on his beak, a tom (male) turkey struts for females. Wild turkey populations are at a high now with the success of careful habitat management and wildlife restoration programs.

The unique making process of these porcelain pendants allows for more detail in designs than other mediums. These designs are fired into the clay at 2200 degrees, so they will not peel or wear off. Each piece is surprisingly lightweight.

Approx. Ornament size : 4.5 centimetre in diameter. Weight : 14 grams.

Length of red satin : 30 centimetre.

Image copyright UNYKTOUCH (all rights reserved).

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