Welsh Dragon Head Celtic Handmade Pewter Torque Bangle

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Wear our beautifully crafted bracelet and feel In Cymraeg, Cymru” means land of fellow countrymen”. The English word dragon” and the Welsh draig” are both derived from the ancient Greek word drakon, which basically means large serpent”. The image of the dragon and Welsh identity go way back from of Cadwaladr, king of Gwynedd from 655 to 682.

Bracelet has a nice shinny look with black contrast in certain areas.

Please do not try to adjust this bracelet when it is cold, warm it up on a radiator first or it can be gently heated with a hairdryer and flexed carefully for a closer fit.

Approx. Bracelet Size:

Diameter of bracelet patterned shank is 6 millimetres. Length of dragon head is 1.9 centimetres. Internal length of bracelet is 15.5 centimetres (open-end to open-end) and the gap between open ends is 1.6 centimetres. Weight of bracelet : 27 grams.

Note: To maintain the shine, polish with a soft dry cloth. Do not immerse in water.

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