Viking Ingwas Rune of Completion 22nd Runic Letter Handmade Pewter Pendant

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Gender: Unisex
Age group: Adult
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Letter: ng (22nd Runic Letter)

Translation: Seed Meaning: Stored energy, Transformation, Gateway to hidden realms.

Keywords: Potential might, contemplation, gestation

Attributes: Ingwas is the gateway by which man can achieve insight into the intuitive nature that encompasses feminine perceptions. Man has to be capable of giving up his fear of the truth, allowing him to see the root of his motivations. The ability to think before speaking gives one time to phrase a thought properly, giving others clear and precise understanding honesty and integrity are the two most important attributes reached from the power of Ingwaz. These attributes are required to understand the intricate reasoning within the feminine psyche.

Magical use: Ingwas converts active power into potential energy. This circle of absorption transformation release makes Ingwas the only rune of replenishing power. This concept is best illustrated as a seed; absorption of surrounding nutrients, the transformation of breaking through its shell into a mature plant and the release of that years knowledge of growing into a new seed. Ingwas is best used as an energy recharger for all other runes, supplying them with an unlimited resource of power.

Casting Meaning: Time to generate energy towards goals and projects that have been put off. Courage will be needed to overcome the obstacles of fear. Relaxation and recharging of ones inner strength is essential before starting your endeavour. If your undertakings are started with integrity and honesty then they will produce the fruits of your imagination.

Made of high quality excelsior pewter. Double sided design (but runic letter inscribed on one side).

Approx. pendant size : 2.54 centimetre in diameter. Weight : 11 grams.

Black cord option comes with an approx. 36 inch or 91.44 cm cord and a (lead free) pewter accent bead with laminated ends.

Chain option comes with a 2 mm flat link stainless steel chain of either 18 , 20 , 22 inch standard length or a 18 inch chain with an extension up to 4 inches ( 22 inch total ) in length for more flexibility and a lead free pewter accent bead. Wear them with or without bead!

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