Viking Algiz 15th Rune of Protection Handmade Pewter Pendant

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Letter: Z or X (15th Runic letter)

Meaning: Protection, interconnection with divinity, refinement of energies

Keywords: Shield against hostility, spirit guides, divine communication

Attributes: Like the antlers of the elk, this rune is both shield and spear. Bringing woe to those who cause affliction to the holder & defending them from distress. By banishing impure energy from the wearer, Eolh allows you to be receptive to the raw unbroken continuity of divinity. The elimination of these obstacles allows the rune to become a guide to ones spiritual and psychological growth.

Magical use: Eolh helps one balance the lower and higher faculties of self. Acting as a bridge between human individuality and the collective consciousness. This nexus unites the psyche allowing a deeper awareness of others and illuminating the significance of interactions. Used with other runes, Eolh activates their highest level of spiritual workings. Binding the runes together for the purpose of evolving ones consciousness.

Casting Meaning: So favourable is this rune that it has become the symbol of well founded optimism. The presence of Eolh indicates a challenge arriving. The outcome will be a stimulating and absorbing change that will involve a sacrifice for a greater goal. Harbingered through the rune of protection, this new exchange will have a favourable outcome. This venture may be in a realm that is unfamiliar and may involve much deep study. Depending on the surrounding runes Eolh may also imply a new romance founded on an existing friendship.

Made of high quality excelsior pewter. Double sided design (different seal on each side).

Approx. pendant size: 2.54 centimetre in diameter. Weight: 11 grams.

Black cord option comes with an approx. 36 inch or 91.44 cm cord and a (lead free) pewter accent bead with laminated ends.

Chain option comes with a 2 mm flat link stainless steel chain of either 18 , 20 , 22 inch standard length or a 18 inch chain with an extension up to 4 inches ( 22 inch total ) in length for more flexibility and a lead free pewter accent bead. Wear them with or without bead!

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