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Picts Collection

Picts are the most powerful nation in northern Britain for some 500 years, mysteriously disappeared from contemporary records in the ninth century.

The stunning Hilton of Cadboll stone, a masterpiece of eighth-century Early Medieval sculpture discovered near the Glenmorangie. The stone’s elaborate artwork features a complex geometric composition of interlocking spirals, founded in a prehistoric artistic heritage that was already 1,000 years old when the stone was carved.

Their most enduring is an unique system of symbols, carved on stone monuments, engraved on objects scratched on the walls of caves symbols whose interpretation has been elusive as that of Egyptian hieroglyphs before the discovery of the Rosetta stone. With this in mind, it is possible to follow up a variety of archaeological and historical clues, to put names to many of the symbols, and to explore Pictish genealogy and social structure.

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