Pictish Norrie Plaque Pewter Chain Pendant with Garnet Bead

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The Pictish silver hoard found buried at Norrie’s, Fife is the largest, post-Roman, hacksilver from Scotland. Discovered in 1819, the finder illegally sold on most of the silver to be melted down, so that what remains is only a tiny portion of the original find. The Norrie’s contains an unusual mix of totally unique complete finds as well as silver scraps, cut up for recycling.

One of the complete items is a large leaf-shaped plaque, with Pictish symbols incised into the metal. The function of this plaque is unknown.

Base metal with antique silver finish and red enamel infill. Lead free, nickel free and hypo-allergenic.

Approx. Pendant Size : Engraved pewter pendant, 6.5 centimetre length x 2.5 centimetre at widest point. Chain Length : 23 centimetre. Garnet bead. Weight : 17 grams.

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