Humpback Whale Totem Round Handmade Porcelain Christmas Ornament

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Wholeness, Creativity, Intuition, Harmony.

Highly varied and complex songs are sung by male humpbacks and are thought to be a part of mating behaviour. Humpback whales annually migrate nearly 6,000 miles one of the longest migration distances of all animals species. The humpbacks dorsal fin and fluke (tail) markings are as individual to each whale as fingerprints are in humans. A humpback whale calf is between 10 - 15 feet long at birth and weighs up to 1 ton.

The unique making process of these porcelain pendants allows for more detail in designs than other mediums. These designs are fired into the clay at 2200 degrees, so they will not peel or wear off. Each piece is surprisingly lightweight.

Approx. Ornament size : 4.5 centimetre in diameter. Weight : 14 grams.

Length of red satin : 30 centimetre.

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