Celtic Love Knot Heart Triskele Handmade Sterling Silver Ring

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The Heart Triskele combines three very significant universal symbols; the heart, the triskele and the circle. It can help you find your centre of compassion, love and understanding so you can experience the wisdom of feeling. The Triskele is a symbol which represents the unity of three. To the Celts, the number three was the most magical number.

The triskele was a symbol of the Goddess in her three forms of maiden, mother, and crone; sometimes called the Three Brigids. Throughout the world, the Heart represents the centre of being, both physical and spiritual. The heart is the home of compassion. It is the container of the life's blood. The Circle is the symbol of totality, wholeness and perfection. It is timeless, with no beginning and no end. It is spaceless having no above or below. It is the symbol of endless motion and cycles, which define the feminine principle.

The Heart Triskele was uniquely designed to incorporate these three important symbols. At the center of the triskele, the endless knot work (so favored in Celtic artwork) also forms into hearts. Wear it and send your compassionate energies out to the universe.

Approx. Weight : 5 grams.

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