Celtic Heart Shaped Handmade Pewter Pomander with Satin Ribbon

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Throughout history, the importance of scent has never been denied. Mystical and powerful, scent was an offering, a force of attraction. The pomander, a ball filled with perfumes worn from the Middle Ages onward, was a form of protection against sickness and death.

A pomander, from French pomme d'ambre, i.e. apple of amber, is a ball made of perfumes, such as ambergris (whence the name), musk, or Civet. The pomander was worn or carried in a vase, also known by the same name, as a protection against infection in times of pestilence or merely as a useful article to modify bad smells. Pomanders were first made for carrying as religious keepsakes. These made for popular gifts during Christmas and New Years. Many people make this type of pomander today in order to scent their homes and clothing.

A mixture of aromatic substances enclosed in a perforated bag or box and used to scent clothes and linens.This beautiful oval hinged Pomander is made from nickel free and lead-free pewter. It can also be used for storing a keepsake like a precious stone in the cage.

The pomander would be a perfect gift for young or older and will be treasured.

Approx Pomander Size : 4.5 centimetre height x 4.8 centimetre width. Weight : 30 grams.

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