Celtic Designs

The Celts can be traced back over 2500 years, and they covered a vast area of Europe including Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, Greece, Spain, Northern Italy, France and many other areas of Western and Eastern Europe.

They had an oral tradition, which left most of their history to be found in the accounts of other civilization, which may have led to inaccuracies. But also shows the importance and impact the Celts made on other ancient empires, like the Greeks and the Romans.

They have also left us with their ring forts, which were circular formations of great earthworks. Examples can be seen across Europe, and it is a testimony to their original size, that they are still visible to this day.

What we do know is that they were skilled craftsmen, and examples of knot work, metal-working, pottery, glass, and geometric circle-drawing, of an extremely sophisticated nature have been uncovered. Examples of Celtic Jewellery have been copied by modern craftsmen. The Celtic "Endless knot" design which symbolises everlasting life is found in many beautiful modern pieces. The Celts developed a strong style that has endured to this day.