Barn Owl Totem Round Handmade Porcelain Christmas Ornament

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Perception, Willpower, Respect, Talent.

Owl is the bird of prey that can be found on every continent except Antarctica. There are more than 200 species of owls that live in different kind of terrestrial habitats: deserts, mountain areas, open grasslands and forests. Owls can be also seen near farms and villages. Size of the owl depends on the species. Smallest owl (Elf Owl) reaches weight of only one ounce and length of 5 inches. Largest owls (Eurasian Eagle-Owl and Blakistons Fish Owl) can reach weight of around 10 pounds and a wingspan of 6.6 feet. All owls can be divided in two large groups: barn and true owls. Barn owls are medium-sized birds with heart-shaped face, long legs and strong talons. Of all known owls, only 19 species belong to this group.

The unique making process of these porcelain pendants allows for more detail in designs than other mediums. These designs are fired into the clay at 2200 degrees, so they will not peel or wear off. Each piece is surprisingly lightweight.

Approx. Ornament size : 4.5 centimetre in diameter. Weight : 14 grams.

Length of red satin : 30 centimetre.

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