1st and 2nd Pentacle Mars Talisman Courage, Victory Handmade Pewter Pendant

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Mars was considered to be the fifth of the seven fabled planets of the ancients.

The influence of Mars is said to have great success against all kinds of diseases if applied to the affected area and protects one from attack or injury.

This talisman consists of the first and second pentacles of Mars said to:

Incite a person to do mighty deeds and perform works of Valour.

Give one iron will but can make one reckless.

Increase passion.

Give courage, ambition, enthusiasm, stamina and great accomplishments.

Bring victory in any argument, battle or disagreement.

Stop any discord.

Overcome enemies and be safe from evil and harm.

Good for police officers, fire-fighters, as well as nurses, doctors and healers.

The priests, rabbis and mystics of the ancient world believed that the planets had immense powers over the emotions, character and physical attributes of mankind as well as the spirit world.

The Ancients knew of seven planets: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. They believed that these magical symbols channelled the powers of the planets and commanded the spirits of each planet to obey.

Our talismans are carefully chosen or their great powers and correctly prepared using the traditional methods of great age known to only a few skilled craftsmen. Use them with goodness and wisdom as they are very powerful.

Made of high quality excelsior pewter. Double sided design (different seal on each side).

Approx. pendant size: 3.86 centimetre in diameter. Weight : 27.4 grams.

Black cord option comes with an approx. 36 inch or 91.44 cm cord and a (lead free) pewter accent bead with laminated ends.

Chain option comes with a 2 mm flat link stainless steel chain of either 22 inch standard length or a 18 inch chain with an extension up to 4 inches ( 22 inch total ) in length for more flexibility and a lead free pewter accent bead. Wear them with or without bead!

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