1st Pentacle The Divine Sun Solomon Seal Talisman Handmade Pewter Pendant

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The ancients believed that the magical symbols engraved onto this talisman, channeled the powers of these planets and commanded the spirits of each planets to obey the bearer of these symbols. The Key of Solomon states "The First Pentacle of the Sun" the countenance of shaddai the Almighty, at whose aspect all creatures obey and the angelic spirits do reverence on bended knees. This singular pentacle contains the head of the great Archangel Metatron, the vicegerent and representative of Shaddai, who is called the prince of countenances and the right-hand masculine Cherub of the Ark, as Archangel Sandalphon is the left and feminine. On either side is the name El Shaddai. Around is written in latin :- Behold his face and form by whom all things were made and whom all creatures obey. The Sun was considered the 1st of the 9 planets. It is said to help the Heart, Spine, Thymus and to fight bacterial disease. This talisman helps one acquire fame, secure honours and riches. It gives absolute freedom of thought and action, clear judgment, dexterity of speed and to find favour in the sight of great men.

Made of high quality excelsior pewter. Double sided design.

Approx. pendant size: 4.2 centimetre height in diameter. Weight : 34 grams.

Black cord option comes with an approx. 36 inch or 91.44 cm cord and a (lead free) pewter accent bead with laminated ends.

Chain option comes with a 2 mm flat link stainless steel chain of either 22 inch standard length or a 18 inch chain with an extension up to 4 inches ( 22 inch total ) in length for more flexibility and a lead free pewter accent bead. Wear them with or without bead!

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